New Thermo Scientific™ TSX™ Universal Series ULT Freezers


Thermo Scientific TSX Universal Series ULT freezers embody +80 years of expertise in engineering cold storage lab equipment. Featuring their next generation V-drive cooling technology, TSX Universal ULTs seamlessly adapt to your workflow, and help deliver tighter performance, faster pull-down and recovery times, and improved energy consumption. 

With an enhanced user interface, universal voltage, expanded setpoint range (-40°C), simplified software updates, built-in accessory power, and more, the new TSX Universal ULT freezers set a benchmark for reliability, performance, and energy efficiency.

Key features designed with your science in mind

Confidence in quality and reliability

New reliability testing protocol: +5400 days of combined testing in field and lab environments

Quality assured: comprehensive end-of-line testing ensures adherence to our high quality standards

Industry-leading warranty: 12 years of compressor coverage

Universally better performance

33% reduction in energy consumption

38% improvement in peak variation

41% decrease in pull-down time

52% faster door open recovery time

Greener by design

100% ENERGY STAR certified: All TSX universal ULTs beat todays criteria and are positioned to meet tightening requirements in the future

100% ACT labeled: Helping provide transparency around the environmental footprint of our products

User-centric design

Universal voltage: operates on 100-230V, 50/60Hz

Setpoint expansion: up to -40°C, a first for the TSX ULT platform

30 seconds re-entry time:  57% faster than previous TSX ULTs

Whisper-quiet: just under 44 DbAs, units can be placed anywhere

Simplified updates: easier to access and install the latest updates

Connectivity-enabled*: 5V and Power over Ethernet outside power supplies

Download the Greener by design Fact Sheet for more information on energy-efficiency and other sustainability features.

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