VistaLab Technologies Liquid Handling System

Repeat pipetting is easier with the ali-Q™2 aliquoting pipet controller and Wobble-not™ serological pipets from VistaLab!

Wobble-not serological pipets have a patented innovative 2-tier step design at the plug end vs. traditional pipets that have a straight cylindrical-shaped plug end.

Wobble-nots are the only serological pipets that will give you two zones of contact in your pipet controller’s nozzle. Insert with less force. No jamming. Plus, you get maximum stability which means less dripping, more accuracy, and less risk of contamination!

Ideal liquid handling partner when paired with ali-Q™ 2 Pipet Controller.

Faster and Easier Aliquoting. No Need to Watch the Lines. More Accurate and Reproducible Than by Eye.

>  Highly reproducible accuracy with the press of one button

>  Use any size and any brand of serological pipets

>  Plus aspirate and dispense as you’re used to

>  Ideal for cell culture, dispensing media, filling plates, tubes, cryovials, etc.

View the Liquid Handling System and ali-q 2 & Wobble-not flyers to learn more.  


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