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AriaMX Special Offer Flyer


When you purchase an AriaMx QPCR system with the SYBR/FAM filter, you can get one additional filter of your choice for $1*!


Additional filters available:
•  ROX Filter (585.0nm - 610.0nm)
•  HEX Filter (535.0nm - 555.0nm)
•  CY3 Filter (542.0nm - 568.5nm)
•  CY5 Filter (635.0nm - 665.0nm)
•  ATTO425 Filter (435.0nm - 475.0nm)


Contact your local sales rep for a quote.

*Additional filters may be added at regular price.
Promotion valid to Dec 31st 2023.


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Since 1984, Stratagene products have been used throughout the academic, industry and government research sectors in fields spanning molecular biology, genomics, proteomics, drug discovery and toxicology. In 2007, Agilent Technologies integrated Stratagene’s labs, which now form the primary research and development branch of Agilent’s genomics division.