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GE Healthcare Mini-UniPrep™ Syringeless Filter

GE Healthcare LS Syringeless Filter, Mini-UniPrep, 0.4mL, 0.2 - GHC (Additional S&H or Hazmat Fees May Apply)

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UNSPSC: 41104900
Manufacturer: GE Healthcare LS

GE's Whatman Mini-UniPrep Syringeless Filters integrate an autosampler vial, filtration membrane, plunger, and cap/septa into one consumable product. They are built for fast and easy HPLC/UHPLC sample preparation.

  • All-in-one filtration device for quick and cost-effective sample processing

  • Eliminates the need for separate syringes, syringe membrane filters, vials, and septa

  • Designed for use with an HPLC or UHPLC autosampler for high-throughput analysis

  • 0.2 um and 0.45 um pore sizes available to meet sample requirements

  • Compatible with most major autosamplers

  • Housing options: amber to prevent photodegradation of light-sensitive samples, or translucent for easy visual inspection made from polypropylene (PP) material

Mini-UniPrep filters are available with Nylon, PVDF, PES, glass microfiber, PTFE, polypropylene, and regenerated cellulose membrane filters.

Whatman Mini-UniPrep syringeless filtration for HPLC
Chromatography sample preparation steps involving multiple consumables like syringe filters, vials, and septa increases costs and time required for sample preparation. Whatman Mini-UniPrep syringeless filters eliminate the need for these separate disposable components and prepare samples in one-third the time required by other methods used for high performance liquid chromatography.

By excluding large particles from a chromatography sample, the time required to process the mobile phase is shortened. Also, HPLC column life is extended by reducing contamination that ultimately causes clogging and back pressure build up.

How the Mini-UniPrep syringeless filter works
Mini-UniPrep syringeless filters can be used either manually or with a multicompressor. The multicompressor allows for processing of multiple filtration samples, further reducing sample preparation time for chromatographic analysis.

Using the Mini-UniPrep syringeless filter is easy. If you are not using a multicompressor, simply place your sample in the Mini-UniPrep device, insert the plunger, and compress. Your sample is filtered rapidly and easily. The unique design allows the liquid sample to be forced into the reservoir of the plunger. Any excess air escapes though the vent hole until the seal is engaged. The Mini-UniPrep syringeless filter can then be used in an autosampler.

- GHC (Additional S&H or Hazmat Fees May Apply)
More Information
SupplierPartNumber UN203NPEPP
UM Pack
UNSPSC 41104900
Manufacturer Name GE Healthcare LS
ProductLine GHC-F
Qty 100
Depth 10.6
Height 3.2
Temperature Room Temperature
Refrigerated-Frozen NO