Cytiva COVID-19 Research Products

The Sera-Xtracta Virus/Pathogen Kit and Illustra RNAspin Mini Kits can help address the demand for a universal extraction kit that co-purifies both DNA and RNA or just RNA and to help with the current challenges faced with supplying kits for COVID-19.

Read the Sera-Xtracta Quick-Start User Guide.

Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Kits

PCR and Amplification

DescriptionNeta Part#:List PriceProduct Details
Sera-Xtracta Virus/Pathogen Kit GHC-29506009 List Price: $269.00

RNA Extraction

DescriptionNeta Part#:List PriceProduct Details
Illustra RNAspin Mini Kit, 20 preps     25050070 List Price: $123.87
Illustra RNAspin Mini Kit, 50 preps     GHC-29506009 List Price: $253.00
Illustra RNAspin Mini Kit, 250 preps        GHC-25-0500-72 List Price: $1,088.00
Illustra RNAspin Mini Kit, 4 x 96 preps  GHC-25-0500-75 List Price: $1,244.00