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New Alconox 4 Pound Jar (1.8 Kg)

Finneran Next Generation 9mm Interlocked™ Vials

Heathrow Scientific PCR Rack 32 Place, Blue, pk10

United Scientific UniStore™ Wide Mouth HDPE Reagent Bottles


Innovative Supplies and Solutions for Science ™

Breakthroughs in R&D start with effective and convenient access to the right products, tools, and services.

At Neta Scientific, Inc., we make this mission possible by centralizing superior lab supplies, personal protective equipment, and supply chain management with our unique ability to provide third-party support for industry-leading suppliers, as well as OEM contracts, parts, consumables, and services to give you back the time you need.

We are an MBE and WBE-certified business, headquartered in Marlton, NJ, with representation throughout the United States.