Statement of Supply Chain Processing & Validation V4.2

1. Introduction

Neta Scientific is dedicated to distributing and sourcing high quality products which meet the requirements of our Customers in a manner consistent with Business, and Ethical standards. As a distributor of Scientific Supplies, Neta ensures consistently high standards of storage, delivery, processing and ethical behavior are applied by staff and any related partners.


 Specifically, in the business and ethical areas, we will always meet all regulatory and legal requirements, for example proper hazmat storage and handling, validation of end-user usage, and federal audits.


Whenever possible we will actively support additional special requirements, for example ‘Green’ initiatives and LEAN or JIT sourcing, and diversity needs of our Customers.


2. Definitions

The following terms as used in this document have the meaning set forth below respectively:


    1. “GOODS” means the goods sold by Neta to its Customers.
    2. “PRODUCT” means the goods manufactured by the supplier,
    3. “NETA” means Neta Scientific Inc.


3. Purpose of this Statement
As detailed in this document, Neta commits to assure the quality of the supply chain cycle as established in the following published sheet. Any deviation from the datasheet will be considered a defect.
4. Disclosure of Information
Any data, and other information provided by one party to the other pursuant to this Statement shall be deemed to be confidential information and shall be treated in accordance with any existing non-disclosure agreement between the parties. In any event, each party shall handle all confidential information of the other party in such a manner to ensure that it is not used for any purpose detrimental to the interests of the other party, or disclosed without consent given by the other party.
Any information relating to third shall also be deemed to be confidential information.
Before certain third party data can be provided, that third party might require separate confidentiality agreements to be concluded directly with the Customer and which will be defined by that third party.
5. Terms
This Statement applies for the duration of the supply of GOODS and subsequent warranty period as defined by manufacturer then current standard terms and conditions of sale, delivery and payment; nothing in this Statement shall be deemed to extend or increase Neta’s obligations or Customer’s rights and remedies beyond such standard terms and conditions listed in any pricing or Contract agreement.
Neta will give at least 3 months’ prior written notice of any change to this Statement.
Quality Statement
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Operations Director CFO
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6. Quality Assurances
6.1 Quality Goal
6.1.1 Neta’s quality goal is to supply GOODS into customers supply chain per customer requirements
6.1.2 This goal is applied equally to Neta’s partners
6.1.3 All problems impacting this target will be reviewed, and improvement sought. Performance relating to this goal is reviewed internally and with customers4
6.2 Quality System
6.2.1 Neta’s organization provides a dedicated quality focus to ensure that compliance with our goals and commitment detailed in this statement are reviewed at the highest level
6.2.2 Neta has set up and maintains a quality system covering production and delivery in order to assure the quality of the GOODS supplied; this implanted a LEAN Sigma Process improvement since 2009
6.2.3 Since Neta is a distributor of finished scientific goods, Neta insures proper storage and handling of said material per specifications provided by manufacturer
6.2.4 Neta’s Customers have the right to audit or survey Neta’s processes, quality system inspection process, etc.), by prior arrangement. Documentation may also be requested and will be supplied subject to the provisions of section 4 of this Statement, providing such does not compromise intellectual property or commercial confidence.
6.3 Change Notification (PCN Process)
6.3.1 Any change in manufacturing process of the GOODS which Neta stores, or change in processing of finished scientific supplies Neta judges may impact the GOODS’ performance, form, fit or function, will not be implemented without seeking approval from its Customers for those GOODS; A Process Change Notification (PCN) is issued prior to implementation of any change; on Customer request, Neta shall provide the necessary samples and evaluation reports.
Quality Statement
6.4 Product and Process Assurance
6.4.1 Neta assures the quality of its supply chain processing with a validation testing and implementation model to ensure conformance with the published datasheet.
6.4.2 The processes applied by suppliers in the manufacture of the GOODS, including test and inspection, are agreed by Neta and monitored on a regular basis to assure ongoing conformance of the GOODS.
6.4.3 Records of supply chain process are available upon request, subject to the provisions of section 4 of this Statement.
6.4.4 Records of routine process monitors and test results are deemed confidential information of Neta and/or its partners. These may be viewed by a Customer during an audit, but may only be shared at Neta’s discretion and under appropriate non-disclosure agreements.
7 Process Improvements
7.1.1 Neta and its subcontractors carry out ongoing activities for process improvement. As noted in sect. 6.4 above, records relating to these activities may be viewed during audit. Details of improvement relating to an issue experienced by a Customer will be shared with that Customer; otherwise such improvement activities are deemed confidential.
7.1.2 Such process improvements include determination of root cause, short-term and long-term corrective action plan, and confirmation of effectiveness of corrective action (comparison between before and after action) and determination of prevention against recurrence of similar issues.
7.1.3 Specifically, all reported GOODS and process failures experienced by a Customer will be analyzed to determine cause, corrective and preventive action, as described below.
Quality Statement
8 Quality Improvements
8.1.1 In addition to its goal of supplying good in supply chain properly, Neta is committed to supporting its Customers in eliminating failures in supply chain process as the Customer reasonably believes them to be caused by defects in the GOODS or vendor Neta currently uses. Neta request that its Customers assist in this process by timely reporting of failures relating to the GOODS or process. Where appropriate, Neta also request that Customers provide additional information to help understand the circumstances, and hence determine the cause, of failure.
8.1.2 Neta operates a verification service for GOODS reported defective in a Suppliers’ manufacturing process and subsequent supply chain breakdowns provided the report is made in accordance with customers then current standard terms and conditions for sale, delivery and payment.
8.1.3 The Customer should send the list and description of reported defective GOODS or supply chain processing error to Neta and request verification or validation as to cause
8.1.4 The Customer should return reported defective GOODS to Neta, who will perform verification and validations to confirm failure due to either product defect or processing error of Neta not customer.  If processing error is deemed to be error of customer, Neta reserves the rights to refuse charge or waive return fees.  Neta will then work with customer on additional process improvements.
8.1.5 Neta requests that the Customer take all necessary precautions in returning GOODS to prevent damage or loss.
8.1.6 Neta will respond with an initial verification report as quickly as possible. The goal for this response is 2 working days from receipt of parts.
8.1.7 If the failure in the GOODS is confirmed as due to misuse, neglect, accident, improper storage, installation, handling or repair, or due to over-stress after shipment from Neta or due to any other reason which is not attributable to Neta, Neta would offer to work with the Customer to help determine the cause of failure. Otherwise, Neta will determine the relevant corrective and preventive action.
8.1.8 If Neta cannot confirm failure of the GOODS, Neta would request the Customer’s participation in ongoing investigation activities to determine the root cause of rejection.
8.1.9 Neta will strive to ensure completion of such failure analysis activity as quickly as possible. The goal for this is 5 working days from receipt of parts. Due to the nature of such investigations, this target should be viewed as an average.
9 Customer Feedbacks
Neta welcomes and encourages Customer feedback to help continual improvement of the quality of its supply chain process’s and finished scientific supplies.  These can and will be shared internally and with suppliers for continued improvement.