Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Garnetta Sanders is our Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, a position she has held over the company’s 20-year history. Before founding Neta Scientific, Inc., Mrs. Sanders was an educator for over 30-years at Franklin High School in Somerset, NJ, where she taught Family and Consumer Science as well as supervised the Related Arts Department. Mrs. Sanders earned her bachelor’s in Education from North Carolina Central University.


Co-Founder and President

Dr. Winfred J. Sanders is Co-Founder and the President of Neta Scientific, Inc., a position he has held since the Company's conception. Winfred began his career at GSK as a senior scientist before being promoted to the Director of Pharmacokinetic Studies in Animal Health. After five years at GSK, he joined Hewlett Packard as their Global Application Manager in Marketing. Winfred advanced to the position of Global GM-Consumable Products, leading the business plans and strategies of R&D, Manufacturing, and Marketing, until his resignation in 1999. At the start of 2000, he and his wife, Garnetta, opened the doors to their new business, Neta Scientific, Inc. Winfred earned his bachelor's in Chemistry from North Carolina Central University and completed his graduate studies at Princeton and Rutgers Universities, where he earned his masters and Ph.D. degrees, respectively. He is also very active in several social and religious endeavors to help empower young people and to support economic entrepreneurship endeavors.


Vice President, Business Development

Dr. Dragan Karajovic is our Vice President of Business Development, a position he has held over the past year. In his current role, Dr. Karajovic is leading the strategic planning, implementation, and execution of comprehensive Business Development activities in the areas of Sales, Marketing, and Supplier Management. Before joining Neta Scientific, Inc., Dr. Karajovic held a variety of leadership roles, including Vice President of Corporate Development for MP Global Enterprises, Vice President and General Manager for Americas, and Global Vice President of Marketing and Sales for MP Biomedicals, LLC. Dr. Karajovic earned his Doctor of Dentistry at The Faculty of Dentistry of the University of Belgrade and an Executive MBA from Kent State University.


Vice President, Operations

Eric Toatley is our Vice President of Operations, a position he has held for over 12 years. As one of the four original employees of the company, Mr. Toatley has built various operations capabilities throughout the organization, including web development, IT systems & infrastructure, accounting, and pricing. Before joining Neta Scientific, Inc., Mr. Toatley was a Senior Retail Sales Manager at RadioShack. Mr. Toatley earned a bachelor's degree in Life Science from Drexel University as well as a Leadership focused MBA from Rutgers University.


Vice President, Fulfillment

Branetta Toatley is our Vice President of Fulfillment, a position she has held for over 14 years. As one of the four original employees of the company, Mrs. Toatley established the framework for various fulfillment and personnel departments throughout the organization, that includes Human Resources, Administration, Customer Service, and Warehouse Inventory Management. Mrs. Toatley earned a bachelor's degree in English from Hampton University.

Management Team

Kayla McDonald

National Sales Manager

Vinush Badal

LEAPS Division Manager

Andrew Verlander

LEAPS Division Procurement Manager

Amy Stagl

Marketing Manager

Brian Spin

Digital Marketing Manager / Salesforce Administrator

Tiffany Freeman

Inside Sales Supervisor


Heather Raver

Catalog Team Manager

Elaine Macy

Compliance Manager

Debbie Magante

Staff Accountant

Margarita Vlamis

Adminstrator Manager

Monique Randall

Customer Fulfillment Manager

Varun Singh

IT Manager


David Wabs

Warehouse Manager

Wiharta Lim

Web Master/ Graphic Designer

Neta Team