Neta Scientific, Inc. is committed to meeting the highest standards of ethics and professionalism in every interaction with our staff, customers, suppliers, and partners.


As a long-term goal of contributing to more sustainable solutions, we apply the three pillars of sustainability: economic, social, and environmental. These pillars are represented through our core values, supplier partnerships, sustainability practices, sourcing and distributing products that exceed our customers’ expectations, and participating in programs with local and global impact.


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At Neta Scientific, we encourage sustainability as a holistic practice in business and at home while continually promoting our efforts and evolving to support our customers as needs and goals shift.


    •  Recycle Program – in 2016, we implemented our Warehouse Corrugated Recycle Program to maximize recycled content by reusing corrugated boxes, when suitable, for product shipments.

    •  If not suitable, using an industrial cardboard shredder in our warehouse, we turn corrugated boxes and containers into cushioned packaging inserts for use in product shipments.

    •  Energy Savings – converted all lighting in our office and warehouse locations to LED lighting.

    •  Reduction of printed literature and increasing the use of electronic flyers, catalogs, and brochures.

    •  Bulk Packaging – when consolidating orders, we ship in-stock items from our warehouse locations in bulk packaging, including pallet sizes.





Seeding Labs


Neta Scientific is a proud donor and supporter of Seeding Labs, a non-profit organization in Boston, MA, dedicated to unleashing the power of the most talented scientists across the globe.


Learn more about Seeding Labs’ mission.



Corning Recycle Program


Don’t throw away your Corning®, Falcon®, or Axygen® product packaging. Recycle it through Corning’s package recycle program in three easy steps.



Learn more about Corning's Recycle Program.


Zero Waste Box™


TerraCycle®, an innovative recycling company, offers a variety of platforms and Zero Waste boxes for difficult-to-recycle waste such as disposable garments and gloves.


Browse Zero Waste Box™ products.


Recycle Right


We participate in Waste Management’s program to practice simplified recycling by recycling all bottles, cans, and paper, keeping all items clean and dry, and no plastic bags.


Learn about the WM program.




Neta Scientific partners with several suppliers that powerfully demonstrate sustainable solutions and practices such as Agilent Technologies, Cytiva, and MilliporeSigma.


We also partner with several other suppliers that have made significant packaging improvements including, Alconox, AstaTech, BrandTech Scientific, CELLTREAT, Chemglass, Crystal Industries, Tonbo Biosciences, World Precision Instruments, and more.


The ACT Environmental Impact Factor Label was designed to address the need of both scientists and procurement specialists for clear, third-party verified information about the environmental impact of laboratory products.


ACT-labeled products include Agilent Technologies, Cytiva, and MilliporeSigma.



For labs with energy efficiency goals, suppliers such as Haier Biomedical and So-Low Environmental manufacture ENERGY STAR certified lab-grade refrigerators and freezers.


Look for the ENERGY STAR label to identify products that offer energy savings while maintaining performance and high-quality features.


As labs increasingly adopt best practices, we invite our supplier partners to join our Sustainable Product Program to showcase their products in support of customer initiatives.


Click on the Neta Scientific Sustainable Product Program form to learn more and highlight your innovations.