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Neta Scientific LEAPS (Laboratory Equipment Asset Procurement Services) Division provides a customer-centric approach to provide innovative technologies and support services. We offer superior parts, supplies and services combined with significant savings and tier 1 diversity spend to drive operational and economic efficiencies. Our core capabilities include:

• Asset Management
• Procurement Support
• Direct Materials
• Relocations
• Storeroom/Stockroom Management

leaps services

Start Managing Your Lab More Effectively


asset management

Asset Management

LEAPS offers both OEM and third-party repair, maintenance and service contracts for laboratory equipment. We provide administrative support for warranty management, asset tracking, entitlements and on-time renewals. Our streamlined ordering and reliable reporting save time and ensure operational efficiencies.

• OEM Service contracts
• Reduce the administrative burden
• Asset tracking & location
• Proactive warranty management
• On time renewals
• Entitlement program management
• Customized reporting
• Third-Party Repair
• Partner & manage
• Maintain/repair/calibrate
• Full care service contract coverage

procurement support

Procurement Support

LEAPS provides procurement support for capital, service parts, supplies, tail spend and spot buy purchases. We work with your preferred (contracted) and non-preferred suppliers. We augment your purchasing department by supporting ancillary services and sourcing on your behalf.

• Capital equipment - preferred & non preferred
• Service parts
• Tail-spend/spot buy assistance
• Support supplier reduction goals
• Negotiate better pricing
• Efficient operation
• Administrative relief
• Align billing terms
• Streamlined invoicing

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direct materials

Direct Materials

LEAPS offers a variety of direct materials, solvents, buffers and pharmaceutical grade excipients, as well as active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). Our products are multi-compendial as appropriate to the US Pharmacopoeia (USP), European Pharmacopoeia (EP) and Japanese Pharmacopoeia (JP) criteria and packaged according to GMP specifications with a vast variety of packaging options.

Areas of Support

• Academia
• Biotech
• Clinical
• Food & Flavor
• Health, Fragrance, Cosmetic
• Consumer
• Manufacturing
• Pharmaceutical


relocation services

Relocation Services

Whether you are moving down the hall or to another state, Neta Scientific’s LEAPS Division can help! We seamlessly handle the preparations and administrative functions. We negotiate the rate, coordinate the relocation, raise the POs and provide financial tracking and reporting. Leave the lab relocation legwork to us!

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stockroom management

Storeroom/Stockroom Management

Neta Scientific Stock Management is an easy-to-deploy, easy-to-use, cloud-based stores and servicing solution. Its powerful inventory management & servicing engine manages service jobs, vendor orders, deliveries and replenishment of stock. Its intuitive on-line interface makes it easy to manage your stores from one central place.

• Secure cloud-based    solution
• Quick set up
• Bar-coding & scanner    enabled

Stores & Inventory Management
• Real-time stock    information
• Manage multiple sites    and stockrooms
• Manage stock levels &    reorder points
• Handle batch & expiring    goods
• Dashboards (Supply,    Quality, Finance)
• Inventory stock    transactions
• Cost-centre &    department spend
• Service(s) spend
• Consumables spend
• Back orders
• Fast- & slow-moving    stock