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About Us

Laboratory Equipment Asset Procurement Services is an integrated program by Neta Scientific, INC that provides new and existing customers within the global science market with convenient access to end-to-end lab services and insights. The program combines OEM contract administration, parts and relocation services and reporting with tier 1 diversity spend and cost savings, to ultimately drive operational efficiencies and economic outcomes nationwide.

Neta Scientific, INC is a laboratory supplies and solutions company that enables the global science and clinical market to more effectively conduct world-leading research and development. The Company centralizes superior supplies, services and supply chain management with a customer-centric approach, innovative technologies and diversity certifications for customers to easily gain access to the tools needed to improve global health and safety and meet corporate objectives.

Our Services

  • OEM Contracts 
    From management and entitlement to preventative maintenance calls and more, LEAPS provides end-to-end administration for customer OEM service contracts. Wholly supported by reliable reporting including financial snapshots of every project’s status, we strive to not just relieve your burdensome workload, but to improve enterprise-wide efficiencies. By outsourcing your OEM contract maintenance to a trusted and neutral party such as Neta Scientific, you can focus on more productive, mission critical tasks while simultaneously achieving shared cost savings.

  • Service Parts 
    As a diverse aggregator and neutral provider of life science and chromatography consumables, LEAPS offers a part for every customer need. Our premier relationships with leading manufacturers’ enables discounted rates, diversity spend and direct shipping, when and where you need it.

  • Capital Equipment 
    LEAPS offers a total solution for sourcing, selling and leasing capital equipment for customers who seek industry expertise and diversity spend. Our purchasing assistance services can be utilized to augment your existing purchasing staff or to directly buy capital equipment on your behalf. Whatever your capital equipment needs are, LEAPS integrated solutions has you covered.

  • Procurement Support A strategic partner that is invested in the vitality of your company’s internal operations, LEAPS provides neutral, clinical and ancillary support for when your business could use a helping hand. Whether our team augments or acts as an extension of your existing procurement department including for clinical trials, together we will achieve shared cost savings and valuable diversity spend.

  • Relocation Services 
    Leave your laboratory and equipment relocation legwork to us. Whether you are moving down the hall or to another state, LEAPS will seamlessly handle the preparation and administrative functions, including POs, rate negotiations, financial tracking and reporting and accounts payable. Our flexible partnerships with relocation specialists ensure seamless administration as well as help minimize downtime, maximize performance and ensure precision every step of the way.

Why Choose LEAPS?

  • Integrated Service Solutions for the Lab
    Moving the world forward with R&D starts with effective and convenient access to the right products, tools and services – and Neta Scientific is among the first mid-sized diverse companies to offer an integrated service solutions program. LEAPS centralizes superior lab supplies and supply chain management with our unique ability to provide pass-through support for major brand suppliers, as well as OEM contract, service parts, capital equipment, relocation services and robust reporting.

  • Reduce Costs with Superior Contract Negotiations
    LEAPS provides customers with an alternative supplier and channel to administer non-core business activities through. As a neutral distributor, we regularly negotiate superior OEM service and relocation contracts, helping your company save big on travel, shipping and operational costs.

  • Quickly Get the Service Parts You Need
    In an industry bound by red tape, LEAPS is effectively managed by Neta Scientific and designed to remove your administrative burdens. Our lean operation and personalized approach offers the speed, agility and attention that large purchase departments cannot offer, including some of the fastest PO turnaround times in the industry.


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